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Welcome to
Glenwood, WA... Weather:
 Located in Klickitat County   
at the foot of Mt Adams

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Mark Nelsen takes a look at the  ECMWF Weekly Maps  
and what they forecast.  Not much change. 

Not sure what happened to the plans for this electric railway.

This photo of Alice Slim Jim Charley was featured today at
Historic Hood River. 
Part of the caption says: 
"This astonishing portrait of Alice Slim Jim was taken by Archie McKeown in 1954. She was about 79 years old according to notes on this photo (though her gravestone at Mountainview Cemetery says she was born in 1882, so she would be about 72 if that is correct). When she died in 1972, The Goldendale Sentinel reported that she was "believed to be the last survivor of the Hood River Indian tribe, the Watlalas of the Chinooks."
More links:  Photo of Alice and her sister Liza    Her Grave Memorial
Sculpture of Alice Slim Jim Charley     Perhaps she was the last with a flattened head.    Her Obituary in the Goldendale Sentinel


National Weather Service
Forecast for Glenwood
check this site for weather advisories

For immediate information on road conditions in Southwest Washington, check out WSDOT's Twitter feed:

Temira's Mt Hood/Gorge Forecast.  About as accurate forecasting as you can get for the Gorge Area. 

The Weather Cafe by Rufus
Rufus deals with the agriculture areas of  the PNW.  He gives a wx report Mondays and Fridays. 

Earth Wind Map  This is pretty cool.  You can change settings by clicking on the word EARTH in the lower left.

If you have to go to Hood River, this live web cam will let you know if Oak Street is full of snow or windsurfers or if you can actually find a parking space.   

Another Cool Weather App of the world.  This link tells you how to adjust the site to your preference.


New York Times Square Web Cam
I like to check this sometimes, just because it is such a contrast to Glenwood. 

Thanks to Oca Hoeflein,  for the above web cam.
Glenwood is a small farming, ranching and logging community located in the Glenwood Valley on the southeast side of Mt Adams.  In early days, the valley was called Camas Prairie, for the wild Camas plant that grows in the lake bottom and  harvested by Native Americans.    "Lake bottom" is what the locals refer to the part of the valley that floods in the spring with snow melt.  It forms a large lake which eventually drains down the canal into the Mill Pond, then Outlet Creek and over Outlet Falls to the Klickitat River.
In the spring, the "lake bottom" turns purple with blooming Camas.  During the summer, the "lake bottom" turns into a grassy valley used by ranchers for hay and becomes home to ducks, geese, sand hill cranes, elk, frogs, deer and any of us that want to gaze upon its beauty and diversity. 

Peter Conboy was one of the first homesteaders in the valley  and the Conboy Lake Wildlife Refuge carries the family name.  But don't bring your boat expecting to find a lake to play in.  
Early notable residents of Camas Prairie:
 Pioneer Botonist Wilhelm N. Suksdorf.
The Pioneer Saga of Cody Chapman.
Has just about everything you need.  Groceries, deli, beer and wine, hunting licenses, ATM,  free WIFI.
Check them out on FACEBOOK
Chicken Dinner on Fridays and Sundays.
Taco Tuesday
                                                                 Fish and Chips on Wednesday
Oh... and don't forget to look for Bigfoot. 



Gas, Diesel, Non Ethanol gas,  Propane, Mini Mart, Beer and Wine, Motel and Vacation Home

A year-round bed and breakfast surrounded by 80 acres of meadowland and Ponderosa Pine.  Main lodge with kitchen, great room, bedrooms, a cook house with wood range and plank tables, a guesthouse and self contained cabins.  A peaceful and relaxing atmosphere.


 Facebook page

The hub of our community and home of the Glenwood Eagles. 
K through 12.

It is a few miles out of town, down one heck of a steep road, but when you get there you can breathe a sigh and enjoy a bit of beautiful quiet on the Klickitat River.  Picnic spot, tours and a fishing pond. 

Located on the Mt. Adams Highway.
Locally produced meats and vegetables.  100% grass-fed lamb, pastured pork and poultry, and organic vegetables.

Privately owned but available to the public.  Nice shady trees, picnic table, benches, potable water but NO restroomsAdjacent to the Grange Hall on Main St. 

Connecting between the land and local economies.
Click on their facebook page for info and photos