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WELCOME.......Glenwood is located in Klickitat County at the foot of Mt. Adams
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I know, I know....this isn't a photo of Glenwood, but it is such an unusual photo.  Hood River photographer Blaine Franger posted this on his  Facebook Page.  He used his Global Phantom 2 quadcopter. 

                                TODAY'S WEATHER

Cycle Oregon has been doing a super interesting job of covering the Glenwood Area.  They did an article about the ride in and the ride out.  They cover the Geology of the area.  You can link to those articles down below along with an article about Glenwood
The Route to Glenwood

"....After arriving in the small community of Lyle for the first stop of the day, we leave the big gorge for the smaller Klickitat River gorge, following that scenic river upstream for twenty miles through the town of Klickitat before starting the big climb of the day....."
BETTER KNOW GLENWOOD  :  by Dean Rodgers. 
"With a population between 400 and 500 people, Glenwood, Washington, isn’t a big town, but it has some mighty huge views of a pretty spectacular mountain. The downtown won’t take long to explore. Once you’ve taken in the general store and the Glenwood Inn,......."
Day 2...leaving Glenwood to Dufur:

".....the one selected that has very little traffic, great scenery, a wonderful downhill, and as we can’t have everything, a short section of gravel....."

Temira's Mt Hood/Gorge Forecast
About as accurate forecasting as you can get for the Gorge.


Has just about everything you need, including Bigfoot.  Check out their facebook page.  Lots of local photos, news and a hitchin' rail.


Restaurant, Hotel, Gas.  Check out their facebook page for daily menu specials.
Hotel rooms and a house to rent for your stay. 

Camas in Bloom

National Weather Service Forecast for Glenwood
check this site for weather advisories

The Weather Cafe by Rufus
Rufus gives a wx report Mondays and Fridays.  You have to find his weather report inside his farm store.

Earth Wind Map  This is pretty cool.  You can play around with it. 



We offer a year-round bed & breakfast retreat,  located at the base of 12,276-foot Mt. Adams in the Cascade Range of Washington State. Surrounded by ponderosa pines and meadowland of the Glenwood Valley, our long-established 80-acre ranch is less than a two-hour scenic drive from Portland, Oregon.
Glenwood is a small community located in the Glenwood Valley.  In early days, the valley was called Camas Prairie, for the wild Camas plant that grows in the lake bottom and was harvested by Native Americans.    "Lake bottom" is what the locals refer to the part of the valley that floods in the spring with snow melt.  The "canal" drains the water into the Mill Pond, then Outlet Creek and over Outlet Falls to the Klickitat River. During the summer, the "lake bottom" turns into a grassy valley used by ranchers, ducks, geese, sand hill cranes, elk, frogs, deer and any of us that want to gaze upon its beauty and diversity. 

Glenwood School 
The hub of the community I think we have one of the prettiest school settings in the state. The mountain is in view from our school windows,  playground and track field.  Sometimes we take it for granted.

Front entrance to the school.
The view from our classrooms, track and baseball fieldExcept we don't have a baseball team.
Diane and Jessica, our bus drivers, waiting to take kids home at the end of the school day. 
Rodeo is always on Fathers Day Weekend.  When it's NOT Rodeo Weekend, the Dance Hall, Kitchen, and Campground are available for rent.  It's a great place for  weddings, receptions, family get togethers...
Photo courtesy of Dan Kleinsmith.
Rodeo and Parade slideshow by Dan
Prints can be ordered.

 A common question we hear is..."Where's Glenwood?"  In fact...the Glenwood General Store sells T shirts that say,  "Where in the hell is Glenwood?"
The easiest answer is, "Go one hour east of Portland,  to Hood River.  Cross the Columbia River into Washington and we are  40 minutes north of White Salmon.  Trout Lake is to our west, Goldendale to the east and The Yakama Indian Reservation to the north. 

Road Map of Washington Sate
click on quad 15 for Glenwood

One thing you will notice if you are in Glenwood on a clear the abundance of stars.  Every month,  Jim White, of Trout Lake, does a local astronomy page,  so we just might be able to identify what's up above. 

Connecting between the land and local economies.
Click on their facebook page for info and photos
Locally produced meats and vegetables.  100% grass-fed lamb, pastured pork and poultry, and organic vegetables.